4N1 Electric Sonic Cleaner

4N1 Electric Sonic Cleaner


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This new and improved Sonic Scrubber Electric Cleaner is your spot-free solution for all your hard-to-reach areas. Easy to install, the 4 N1 cleaner comes with 4 brush heads ( cleaning brushes) that provide deep but gentle cleaning ability. Clean with little effort your faucet, shower and bathtub.  This convenient 1-button tool replaces the need for several tools, saving you money and hours of house chores. The wide brush head covers a wider area for faster, more efficient cleaning and features an extended arm that reaches all the hard to reach areas. Protect your skin from harsh chemicals and save money on expensive cleaners by using this handy tool.

Product Details:
Easy to install
Comes with 4 brush heads
Rubberized grip handle
Dimensions: 11.22 x 7.09 x 1.18
Weighs: 6 ounces

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