Bathtub Pillow

Bathtub Pillow


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Want to take a relaxing bath but need a place to comfortably rest your head in that hard porcelain tub?

Cradle your head and neck in comfort on our quality bathtub pillow. Made from Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) which does not absorb water and has a soft, wipe-clean surface, our bathtub pillow will provide the ergonomic cushioned comfort you need to enjoy your bath in luxurious contentment.

The 40 powerful suction cups hold the pillow firmly in place on a smooth, clean tub surface. The holes in the back allow water to easily drain and prevent mildew and odor. The harder shell center can be separated from the outer TPR pillow for a more thorough cleaning as needed.

Material: TPR

Size: 12.99”x9.44”x1.57”

Color: White

Installation: Make sure the tub surface is clean. Drench the suction cups before use, then press them firmly onto corresponding clean tub surface.



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