Heat Zone Thermal Gloves

Heat Zone Thermal Gloves


  • Navy
  • Gray

Protect your precious phalanges with HEAT ZONE THERMAL GLOVES by Heat Trendz!

The arrival of cold weather doesn’t mean the dog stops needing a walk, or the errands dry up, or your favorite winter sport ceases to call your name; BUT because our fingers are so far from our heart, they get cold the fastest when you’re doing things outdoors in the frigid temperatures. Winter outings necessitate HEAT ZONE THERMAL GLOVES.

Made of the finest triple brushed acrylic yarn with extra-long terry to create a thermal barrier, HEAT ZONE THERMAL GLOVES boast a high warmth rating of 3.2 TOG*. The silicone tread will ensure a tight grip on whatever you grab, and the adjustable strap allows you to tighten them around your wrist for extra protection from the elements.

Adult, One Size Fits Most

91% Acrylic
5% Nylon
3% Polyester
1% Elastane

Colors: Navy, Gray

*Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) It is a scientific test that measures the thermal (heat retaining) capacity of fabric. Standard thermal glove usually run between 0.89-2.3 TOG.


Navy, Gray


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