INSIGHT 4 N 1 Wireless Charging Deck

INSIGHT 4 N 1 Wireless Charging Deck


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Insight 4 N 1 Wireless Charging Deck is the one stop shop to charge all your devices wirelessly. The cool charging pad has a non slip silicone base that keeps your phone in place during charging. It features a military and digital time display so you know the exact time at a glance.

You can use this charger for smart watch, ear buds, etc. This is the ultimate must have charging dock for everyone who has multiple wireless devices like smartphones, smart watch and earphones.

Product Details:
Anti-slip Charging Pad & Foldable wireless charging seat base is designed with non-slip silicone to ensure your phone will not move or flip when charging.
Can be placed on the nightstand to set the alarm. Please don’t turn off the power after setting the alarm clock, otherwise the alarm clock will not ring. The wireless charging pad has a 0-65°adjustable stand for comfortable vertical or horizontal viewing angles.
Rapid Charging, Wide Variety of Protection: Equipped with cutting-edge charging speeds, this 15W output charging can be charged by about 20% faster than conventional wireless chargers. Not only that, it also has excellent functions such as identifying foreign objects, current, overcharging protection, and overheating protection, protecting you and your smartphone in all directions at the same time as rapid charging.

Available in White and Black


White, Black

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