Micro Bubble Blackhead Remover

Micro Bubble Blackhead Remover


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Using Nano blue-ray technology for rapid disinfection and sanitizing of the skin, a solution tank to instantly replenish moisture, and advanced air pump technology, Micro Bubble Blackhead Remover is the latest generation in blackhead removers!

Five different levels of suction intensity, and six interchangeable heads allow you to customize Micro Bubble to meet your specific skincare needs.

Using a gentle but strong suction, the pressure ranges from 55-100 kPa, Micro Bubble easily removes facial blackheads, dirt, oil, acne, and dead skin. Also great for promoting circulation, increasing skin elasticity, lightening fine lines, and firming and lifting the skin.


  • Before use – clean your face and place a warm compress on for 3-5 minutes to open the pores.
  • During use – do not let the vacuum rest on one spot for too long.
  • After use – it is recommended to soothe your skin by applying a frozen sheet mask (not included).

Color: White
Material: ABS
Size: 20×4.5x4cm
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Power: 2W

1x Micro Bubble Blackhead Remover
1x USB charging cable
6x Interchangeable heads


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