Retractable 3N1 USB Charging Cable

Retractable 3N1 USB Charging Cable


  • Black
  • Green
  • Red

The Retractable 3N1 USB Charging Cable is the ultimate for all-in-one charging on the go!

Featuring 1 Retractable Micro USB1 Retractable Type-C, and 1 Retractable Lightening Cable interface with a standard Retractable USB charging end. Simply pull both ends simultaneously to extend to the desired length and again to retract when done. The compact cable’s multifunctional design provides you the ultimate answer to all your device charging needs on the go.

Fully compatible with all the latest devices, contains smart chip, stable current protection, lightening fast charge, and flexible joint coverings, so you can charge on the go stress-free! The anti-winding cables will expand from 12-43 inches to meet your charging needs.

Cable Material: ABS Plastic coated for maximum durability and flexibility

Cable length: Telescopic from 12-43”

Available Colors: Black, Green, Red


Black, Green, Red


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