SMT Sling Bag

SMT Sling Bag


  • Navy
  • Black

Sleek, chic, and secure, the SMT Sling Bag is the best choice in hands-free, cross-body bags.

Taking all the important factors into consideration – capacity, comfort, durability, and securitySMT Sling Bag checks all the boxes and then some!

SMT Sling Bag’s rectangular style, measuring 6.3×3.7×13 inches, allows you the large CAPACITY you want to comfortably store all your necessities. Keep your belongings close at hand but SAFE from thieving hands with SMT’s built-in combination lock and slash-resistant sling strap. Your COMFORT is assured with a breathable mesh backing and adjustable, padded shoulder strap that can be hooked to either side of the bag. The lightweight but DURABLE oxford fabric is great-looking, water-resistant, and scratch resistant, with reinforced stitching in high-touch areas.

In SMT Sling Bag’s large main compartment, you will find 3 interior pockets, 1 zippered, and the USB port and cord to charge your phone with ease and access. Tucked away on the back is a fourth pocket with a zipper to secure those easy to grab items.

SMT Sling Bag is the minimalist shoulder bag that is sleek and durable on the outside but spacious and safe on the inside.


  • Main compartment zippered with combination lock
  • 1 main compartment, 1 exterior zippered pocket, 3 interior pockets (1 zippered)
  • Rectangular style with large capacity
  • Comfortable padded strap and breathable mesh backing
  • Hand-grip handle on top
  • Durable oxford fabric with reinforced high touch areas
  • Water and scratch resistant
  • Adjustable length, slash-resistant strap can be attached to either side
  • USB charging port with cord adapter included (power source not supplied)
  • Sleek, minimalist design

How To Use:

Setting Combination

  • Set dial to the default [ 0 0 0]
  • Slide button tab out to side and hold
  • While holding the button tab out to the side, set your own 3- digit combination by turning the dials to desired combination.
  • Release button tab
  • Your combination is now set

Locking your bag:

  • Set the dials to your combination
  • Inset zipper pulls into each lock
  • Scramble the dials to lock the bag

SIZE: 6.3×3.7×13 inches

MATERIAL: Oxford fabric exterior with mesh backing



Navy, Black


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