Solar LED Motion Wall Light

Solar LED Motion Wall Light


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There are 4 powerful LEDs with an induction angle of up to 180 degrees and will charge during the day in maximum sunlight and illuminate with motion sensing technology at night.

Environment Friendly – Solar powered light conversion. Six hours of sunlight can provide eight hours of illumination.

Long Battery Life – The 3.7V lithium battery yields an output of 1200mAh.

All Seasons – Waterproof IP65. Can withstand the cold winters and hot summers throughout the United States.

Easy to Install – A recommended height of 6 to 10 feet is recommended to hang. Install using the enclosed screws inserted into the existing holes.

3 Lighting Modes:

  1. When motion is detected, the light comes on bright and extinguishes after about 13 seconds of no motion.
  2. During hours of no/low light a constant dim light is immitted which becomes brighter when motion is detected. The light returns to dim after about 13 seconds of no motion.
  3. During hours of no/low light the light remains on all the time in the brightest capacity.

The light will extinguish during daylight and the solar panels will recharge.

Material: ABS
Solar panel: 5V 300mA
Built-in battery: lithium battery 3.7V 1200mAh
LED specifications: 4 high-power lamp beads
LED color: White light
Induction distance: 0-6m
Charging time: 4-6h
Use time: 8h
Mode adjustment: 3 lighting modes
Lighting range: 50-80 square meters
Waterproof rating: IP65


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